Things Not to Worry About

Just Because It’s on the Web, Doesn’t Mean You Have to Read It

thinking croppedSome things are not meant to be worried about, but surfing the Internet can certainly make you think they’re important.

I’ve noticed how my mind is subtly tugged into clicking on random links to read about things I’d never even thought about until I saw the Internet link.

Those headline writers are masterful, though, because before you know it, you’ve clicked on something like:

“Pregnant Man” Divorce

“Lindsay Lohan’s April Fool’s Joke Falls Flat” or

“Kim Kardashian Bares Her Growing Baby Bump”

“Suri Cruise Haircut”

Click on that Suri Cruise Haircut link and you’ll probably find a link for haircuts for little girls, a comment on her mother’s style, catastrophic hair blunders by celebrity moms, cleavage blunders by celebrities, fashion don’ts by celebrities, celebrities with bad hair who are dating other celebrities with bad hair….you get the picture…’s all sort of annoyingly intriguing.

But now I just see the titles and ignore them. It’s very freeing. I can actually feel part of my brain giving a big long sigh in relief that it doesn’t have to care. I now stop a second longer before I click on any link and have found myself choosing not to click. It feels really, really good, far more satisfying than you’d think.

I’d recommend that everyone try it, just to see how it feels not to read stuff, well, just because it’s out there,

Oh, but wait, I might have to click on this one:

space gun

“Rare ‘Star Trek’ Phaser Sold for $231,000 at Auction”

Star Trek phaser? Hmmmm.

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