Sometimes You Have to Trick Yourself in Exercising

Exercise Tips to Keep Yourself Moving

Corn Maze 5K

My pal Deb & I did a 5K through a CORN MAZE just to keep exercise interesting.

After many years of trying different approaches to total fitness, I realized there is one simple rule to follow: keep your body moving for an hour or so almost every day. Work out with friends. It doesn’t matter if you’re walking, jogging, mowing the lawn, lifting weights, doing yoga or cleaning the house. You don’t necessarily have to always be in the max heart rate zone.

Just make it a priority to move your body and you’ll be far better off than if you try to stick to an overly ambitious boot camp or exercise class. Here are some of the things I do to get myself going:

  1. Head out on a jog with a juicy audiobook to keep me entertained.
  2. Walk, instead of driving, to the grocery store, pharmacy or bank (2.2 miles each way) to do my errands. At 4.4 miles, it adds up to a nice work out.
  3. Plan a dinner date but choose to ride my bike instead of driving. This gives me exercise and prevents me from drinking too much beer or wine.
  4. I count yard work as an exercise session. Try an old-fashioned non-powered push mower and you’ll be convinced that it’s a good workout. I’ve tracked my heart rate while raking and bagging leaves – definitely in the 120-130 bpm….

    fiskars manual mower

    Very easy to push, but still a good work out.

  5. Add exercise plans to the calendar. I learned this from my friend and great personal trainer Shannon Leavitt. Check out her Yogalift blog for more helpful tips.
  6. Sign up for a fun run or walk with my friend – once I’ve paid I’m committed.
  7. If I am absolutely too lazy to even push myself outside, I pick out a favorite exercise DVD. Again, something to distract my determination to lay around.
  8. Get absolutely great technical rain gear that lets me enjoy the outside no matter how wet it is. For a great rain gear at reasonable prices, check out LL Bean. I purchased their Trail Model rain jacket and pants and they’ve kept me pretty dry and warm in absolute downpours.
  9. Sometimes, taking a note from Shannon, if I’ve been working out for many days in a row, I take the day off. It usually gets me back on track.

Today I have an excellent espionage book, The Bounty Hunters, by W.E.B. Griffin to keep me company as I run. When I get back, I’m going to do just 15 minutes of ab work. That’s all. Not as much as I’d do in a boot camp – but that’s always available for another day. It’s all the “moving your body” that you do in between boot camps that really adds up.

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  1. When I first saw the heading for this posting, I decided to wait to actually read it. I waited about 8 hours. I don’t really like to exercise, but I do like to move. So the trick part is so right. Once I get moving, I know it’s the right thing. Thanks, Paula, for sharing so many great tips. Let’s definitely do another 5K before you move. But, not the Corn Maze. My knees need more room to make the turns.

    And, how totally cool is that picture!
    Love, your pal Deb.


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