New Walking Buddies

Meet New Friends Where You Least Expect Them

Check out this beauty. I ran into him on one of my daily walks on the pecan farming roads in Mesilla, NM where we live now. Who knew that peacocks hang out in New Mexico?

peacock friendI was walking by my new friend Bob’s old adobe house and this fine fellow caught my eye. If you look to the right by the pottery, you can see a nice gray kitty walking by in the inside porch.

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7 replies

  1. Wow! This is awesome and I am so jealous that you have no snow!! Loved your walking post too, gave me heartfelt inspiration. Go Debbie (and Paula).


  2. Thank you, Deb. Come on down!


  3. holy moly! now that’s a true gift. terrific shot, btw!

    truly gorgeous!Send


  4. Thank you, I have never been so close to a peacock before. They positively shimmer with irridescence!


  5. Last March, I was in Naples, and ran into a gator! yikes — glad he was going slower then me!


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