Living in the Sacramento Mountains

Bike Riding in Lincoln National Forest, Sacramento Mountains

This is where we live, work, ride and hike now. Elevation – 7,000 feet above see level. Wildlife – elk, mountain lions, rattle snakes, bobcats, coyotes. Mosquitos – none. What’s not to love?

A June afternoon on the backroads. 80 degrees and breezy.

A June afternoon on the back roads. 80 degrees and breezy.

The only downside is missing the friends and family that we love hanging out with.
I wish everyone could live here!

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4 replies

  1. Missing you and Pete too chica!!!! Love, Jodie


  2. Hi Paula! So glad to see where you’ve landed. It sounds and looks very beautiful; as do you. I completely agree with you about the downside of a new living locale…wishing we could teleport our friends and family in. I love reading your blog! Joan


  3. How beautiful Paula!! I know you are loving it!! Thanks for sharing! Tell Pete hi!


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