She May Look Healthy But…Why Fitness Models Aren’t Models of Health

Wow! This is sure an eye opener about what it takes to have that Barbie looking body. Not healthy. Not maintainable. Not fun. Not part of every day life, which we all have to consider in any fitness plan we come up with. These women who do this must have a will of iron, and even they say it’s not great for you. Thanks to bloggers at “Fit is a Feminist Issue” for this and so many other thought-provoking posts on women’s fitness.


ShayAs our regular readers will know already, both Sam and I prefer athletic values and performance goals to aesthetic goals, even when the aesthetic goals include “looking fit” instead of the old ideal of being stick thin.  It’s not because there isn’t something admirable about looking fit, not even because there is no accomplishment in looking that way. It’s because we distinguish between looking fit and actually being fit. And there’s a real range of body types among those who count as fit and healthy.

One less well known fact is that fitness models and people who compete in the figure category in fitness competitions aren’t actually at the height of healthy when they compete. By the time “game day” comes, they’ve followed a regime that no one recommending a healthy approach to fitness and diet would recommend.  They’ve eaten too few calories for the intensity of workouts they’ve been…

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